One day my friends told me that they planned to raise four pet chickens. When they said that they got the chicks, I invited myself over to see the adorable fluff balls. It didn’t take long for me to become smitten and I now go over almost every week to visit “the girls” for a few hours. I knew that spending time with animals was therapeutic, but I didn’t know how much fun it would be to get to know these curious and intelligent birds.

I thought I would include some chicken videos in hope that they make you smile. While you may be impressed with my incredible training ability and the chickens’ superior intellect, my goal is just to share the joy these clever girls have given me. Enjoy!
– Sarah

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Meet the Girls

I love their personalities and how funny they are. I love when they run to me for safety when they sense danger. I wasn’t trying to train them, but they started following commands and coming when I call. They learn quickly and get excited to show off (or get treats).







Betsy can be bold at times and also content to hunker down on my lap. She is very alert and often warns the others when a hawk flies too close. Betsy was the first to jump on my shoulder on command. She loves the summer and could sun bathe for hours. Betsy thinks oatmeal is a pretty special treat.

Tacy comes across as a sassy know-it-all, but don’t let that fool you. Deep down she has her insecurities and likes to be reassured. Tacy was the first of the girls to show that she understands object permanence and the first to work on learning her letter. She often holds back and is the last one to venture out in the snow or try something new. Tacy would happily eat cracked corn all day.

Sleepy is the smallest and is at the bottom of the pecking order. She is sweet and independent. She is content to wander off on her own and likes sitting up on my shoulder. Sleepy is the most likely to help herself to treats in my pocket. She never had one-on-one training with the letters but learned to go to her “S” on command. Sleepy never turns down a yummy peanut.

Owl wants you to think that she is tough. She does sometimes take out her frustrations in less than healthy ways but is also eager to please. Owl probably has the longest attention span of the group and is quite strong willed. She was the first one to come consistently when called by name. Owl is a big fan of bananas.


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