Let’s Hatch This

We have watched the opioid epidemic claiming lives and tearing families apart. We have seen a rise in the number of those without homes. We have looked into the eyes of those sitting on sidewalks or standing at intersections and wondered what can be done.

Our Goal: Raise $100,000+ in 6 months

This will let us cover administrative expenses, build and refine our model, gain 501c3 status, and prepare for our Capital Campaign.

Together we can turn helpless into hopeful

Walk with us as we start, launch, and grow PraeSpero Farms into a community of healing and restoration.

Donate online via credit card or debit card

Payments are processed via PayPal. All major credit cards accepted.

Mail in your donation

Checks can be made payable to PraeSpero Farms, Inc. and sent to:
PraeSpero Farms
P.O. Box 380034
Cambridge MA 02238